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TimeBank Idaho
2920 Cassia Boise, ID 83705
United States
43° 35' 45.744" N, 116° 13' 7.7448" W

Contact Us: (208) 323-0996 Ext 10

Growing Relationships with Time

TimeBank Idaho's Mission is to connect unmet needs with untapped resources by exchanging the time and talents of Idaho individuals, families, groups, and community partners. TimeBank Idaho is a member of TimeBanks USA.


What is TimeBank Idaho?

TimeBank Idaho is a time exchange system that strengthens community by building relationships. It gives you access to the time, energy, knowledge and skills of others.


Become a Member today and experience the benefits of sharing your time and talents. Don't forget to check out our website: www.timebankidaho.org


Remember your Membership Checklist:

While you have completed your Community Weaver profile, you may have steps to complete for your membership sign-up. Please contact our TimeBank Idaho Coordinator for any questions about the below checklist:
1. Purchase TimeBank Idaho Membership
2. Create Community Weaver Profile
3. Complete and Submit TimeBank Idaho Application
4. Attend Orientation Potluck (check our website calendar for our next potluck in your are!) Membership steps are required to be completed within the first three months of membership.


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